Youri David Appelo (1991, NL) is a curator, advisor and mediator based in Arnhem, the Netherlands.


With a background in Arts Education (BA) and Museology (MA) his curatorial endeavours deal with a wide span of activities, formats and subjects. He engages with subjects within ecological, economic, social and political domains, whereby he pursuits open questions about how we could shape our (possible) futures. With an interest for artistic practices that translate complex notions into poetical, investigative, discursive and critical works of art, Appelo aims to bring these works to the forefront and with that examines the value of art for our contemporary societies.


He currently is artistic director of Expoplu in Nijmegen, curator at Garage Rotterdam, Advisor at the Mondriaan Fund & the Groeispurtfonds, member of the program committee of VHDG and board member of RUIS.


Appelo was also former curator-in-residency of Schloss Ringenberg and curator of The Day of the Young Artist 2018.



Contact:   info[at]youriappelo.com